Improving Solutions for the Asian-Pacific ‘Sinking Islands’ Paradigm

by Imaan Budhram
3012 words



Legal Challenges of the ‘Sinking Islands’ Paradigm

Legal Solutions for Kiribati

Clash Between Western and Asian-Pacific Discourse



Improving Solutions for the Asian-Pacific ‘Sinking Islands’ Paradigm

Imaan Budhram

SBS320: A Global View on Migration

Word Count: 3012


The discourse pertaining to the ‘sinking island’ paradigm does not properly reflect the perspectives of all parties involved and has negative repercussions for an effective approach to the issue. In addition, legal considerations for an effective solution such as accurate terminology for affected parties can have ostracizing implications for these parties. Hence, this paper researched legal and sociological aspects of the ‘sinking islands’ paradigm to find required elements for a successful solution. It concluded that a successful solution understands cultural implications (e.g. people’s connection to their homeland) and incorporates elements that address the aspect of cultural identity when creating global solutions. One approach that this paper recommends is for states to continue formally recognizing the sovereignty of the Asian-Pacific Island states. This approach should be combined with relocation of Asian-Pacific Islanders to the territory of another sovereign state or to an artificially created island.