From Compassion to Action: Why Young Dutch Volunteers Choose to Make a Difference in the Disability Sector

by Hester van der Weij, Joelle Klein, Jamilia Walhof, & Leonor Fernandes

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Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix A

Interview Guide

Note. Questions below which are in red are “mandatory” ones. Those not in red are asked on a need-be basis, for elaboration purposes.

  1. Ask participants to introduce themselves (name, age, nationality, organisation they work for etc.)
  2. Ask questions related to:
  • Lifestyle - getting to know them
                  * What does your daily routine look like?
  • Context - becoming acquainted with volunteering
    • Could you tell us about your journey as a volunteer?
    • If I need more elaboration…
      * How long have you been with the organisation?
      * Why did you choose the organisation?
      * Do any of your friends/family volunteer as well? Did they inspire you?  
                    * Do you spend a lot of time volunteering? Does it take up a large part of your life?
  • Reasons for volunteering
    • How did you feel about your life/yourself when you took up voluntary work? (can possibly change to how were you doing at the time)
    • Why did you start doing voluntary work?
      * Have any personal experiences led to you becoming a volunteer?
      * What were you expecting to get out of volunteering once you started?
    • How did volunteering change you as a person? What did you learn from it/what is your biggest take away?
    • Were there any skills you needed to learn, or any challenges you had to overcome when you started with volunteering?
    • What are the practical skills you learned from volunteering
      * Has your attitude towards volunteering changed from when you began? (How has volunteering changed you?)
    • What does volunteering mean to you/give you?
      If need more elaboration:
      * Why do you continue to volunteer?
      * How do you feel when you help someone? 
            * Do you close off your emotions before going to volunteer?
  • Miscellaneous
    • How has volunteering affected your social life?
    • Do you think all volunteers experience volunteering the same way, and how do they experience it?
    • Do you think there is a certain personality characteristic that you need for volunteering
    • Do you think there is a difference between young and old volunteers?
    • Do you think there is a shortage for young volunteers?
    • How is volunteering in the disability sector different from other sorts of volunteering?
    • Do you think the volunteering sector is doing enough to attract young volunteers?
    • What can the volunteering sector change to attract young volunteers?